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Structural timber processed at sawmills is marked by piece according to quality grade. Due to the high cost of machine strength grading, visual grading is the standard procedure for analysing wood products at most SME sawmills. However, visual grading does not detect internal defects in the wood, is a very slow process and gives a very low yield in terms of material performance.

WoodSonics project responds to a need in the EU sawmill sector to improve competitiveness by implementing machine strength grading of structural timber at SME sawmills. In the context of a serious crisis in the construction sector, significant savings in production costs and the optimisation of yield through the use of machine strength grading systems can help SME sawmills survive. However, the current cost of machine strength grading systems (up to €500.000) is prohibitive for SMEs.

WoodSonics proposes a cost-efficient in-line wood grading machine (around €60.000) which uses an ultrasonic rolling transducer to detect, identify and localize specific defects in pieces of structural timber. The roller will be installed on the sorting line without disrupting sawmills activity.

WoodSonics will be validated using the most common species soft and hardwood of sawn timber (Spruce, Pine, Chestnut and Oak).



WOODSONICS has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 315351” 

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